Reputation management

Keep your positive reputation consistent across platforms.

We help to ensure that your business is shed in a positive light online by:

  1. Monitoring your online reviews
  2. Promoting positive experiences
  3. Making useful opinions visible
  4. Gaining customer feedback
  5. Using an all-in-one dashboard

Benefits for your business

Gain access to our convenient dashboard
We grab all of your reviews and centralize them onto the all-in-one dashboard that allows us to view and reply to them as quickly as possible, all while keeping an eye on potential leads.
Monitor your reputation across platforms
Our reputation management service allows us to keep an eye on your online reputation, ensuring that your brand is being presented in the best light possible to potential customers.
Get more reviews from happy customers
We have the ability to quickly and easily reach out to clients who have received your service, in order to get you more positive feedback, which will boost your rankings on the SERP.
More reviews means more sales
When a potential customer is checking out your business to see if you would be a good fit for their needs, the first place they often look is at your reviews. We make sure they like what they see.

Your reputation is important

Companies like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List have been recruiting companies for years with the promise that they will generate leads for their clients by making them look good on the Internet. And while this can be effective in some cases, the truth of the matter is that when potential customers are looking to hire your business online nowadays, they go straight to your Google My Business Reviews.

Ehlen Analytics offers a comprehensive approach to reputation management. We draw your reviews off of the Internet and keep them all in one place. We can engage with your recent customers, offering them feedback on their reviews. We can even reach out to your recent customers who haven’t left a review yet, asking them if they were satisfied with your service. Unhappy customers are filtered out in order to maximize your 5-star ratings.

Using our hands-on approach you’ll see the difference that real, effective reputation management makes.

Our hands-on approach

Get more authentic customer reviews
  • We know the importance of real reviews from real customers
  • We network directly with your clients to gather reviews
  • We make leaving a 5-star review easy for your customers
  • We support over 150+ review sites for maximum efficiency

Monitor all your reviews in one place
  • Our all-in-one dashboard makes reputation management easy
  • Every review from every connected profile appears in one place
  • From our dashboard, we can respond directly to your clients
  • With our services, you have access to our exclusive dashboard

Set goals for your online ratings
  • We help you reach your rating goals as quickly as possible
  • Our streamlined process filters out negative reviews
  • Our personalized approach maximizes your 5-star ratings
  • Our reporting tool allows you to view your rating progress

Turn your reviews into digital marketing
  • Positive reviews offer some of the best marketing out there
  • We can display all of your 5-star ratings on your website
  • Higher rated businesses are most likely to appear on Google
  • We can automatically share your reviews to social profiles

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