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Organic rankings don’t happen overnight, but the results will put your business on the map (literally) and keep you there. SEO services include:

  1. Detailed local keyword research and analysis
  2. Cross-platform NAP consistency
  3. Technical optimizations for maximum speed and visibility
  4. Original custom content that’s unique to your business
  5. Powerful link building strategies and white-hat backlinks
  6. Creative solutions to work around roadblocks and keep your business ahead of the competition









Real examples from Ehlen Analytics SEO clients

Over 200 clients and growing

Over the past few years, Ehlen Analytics has grown exponentially, with our client roster increasing by over 500%. Why? Because we deliver results. By creating custom SEO strategies for every SEO client, we are able to outmaneuver even the strongest national franchises on a local scale. Our SEO team uses creative solutions to complex problems, and we never stop learning new, innovative ways to get our clients to the top of search results. For more information about how Ehlen Analytics can help your business, contact our sales team, and let’s get a head start on the future.


The tools, tricks, and tried-and-true techniques of our SEO services







SEO Strategy Sessions

Every business is different, and so is every SEO campaign. To learn more about what makes your business unique, Ehlen Analytics offers SEO Strategy Sessions to select clients. This one hour interview gives our SEO Team a better understanding of what makes your business unique, your goals and long-term plans, and what services and locations matter the most to you. Ask your sales associate if an SEO Strategy Session is right for you.

Listing Management

To achieve NAP consistency (Name Address Phone), our SEO Team uses advanced software to create and manage your company’s listings on every major online platform, including Yelp, BBB,, and more. We take over rogue listings, suppress duplicates, and gain access to abandoned platforms without hunting for long-forgotten passwords. For storefront businesses, we create and manage listings on maps platforms like Waze, Uber, Mapquest, and Lyft. We even get your business listed on voice-driven platforms like Siri, Alexa, and Ok Google.

Backlinks and Link Building

To create a robust and well-rounded digital profile for your business, you need more than just a website and a GMB. Backlinks strategies, also known as link building strategies, are a critical component of our SEO campaigns. But not all backlinks are created equal. Outreach links are powerful, but hard to obtain. To build a strong off-page presence for your business without waiting months for cold outreach to pay off, we use a diverse arsenal of white-hat, domain-safe backlinks to strengthen domain authority and relevance.


The Ehlen Analytics Content Team creates compelling, informative content that will bring users to your site, and keep them there. We use creative copy, images, infographics, and video to build a visual representation of your business that makes sense for your brand and gives your customers the confidence they need to click that call button.

Keyword Research

We use deep-dive keyword research to find the common and not-so-common keywords, and semantically related phrases that will drive organic search traffic to your site. Through competition research, we locate keyword gaps that will put you ahead of the competition and at the top of search results.

Data Analysis

Each month, the Ehlen SEO Team uses the data from your campaign to draw and re-draw an SEO strategy that addresses the current state of your SEO campaign. By using this data-driven approach to SEO, we’re able to stay ahead of the curve and exploit the trends that affect your business and page rankings.

On-Page Optimizations

When it comes to search optimizations, some techniques just never go out of style. On-page optimizations have been a staple of the SEO industry for over a decade, and for good reason: they work. By expertly managing your site’s H1/H2 structure, keyword density, outbound links, interlinks, and image optimizations, we build a rock-solid foundation for more advanced strategies and concepts.

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