Content Writing

Improve customer engagement with personalized, optimized content.

Our content writing services include:

  1. Interesting content catered to your business
  2. SEO optimization on every page
  3. Personalized keyword research
  4. Written content across multiple platforms
  5. Strategy sessions to best suit your needs

Benefits for your business

Customer engagement and retention
Interesting content holds the attention of customers for longer, making them more likely to spend time on your website and interact with your business.
Improved brand awareness
Consistent and unique content across platforms will solidify and reinforce your business’s image, making your brand more recognizable across the Internet.
Optimized for SEO
Not only is the content we write interesting and engaging, but it’s optimized for SEO using strategic keywords to boost your rankings on the SERP.
Unique handwritten content
All of our content is written in-house by our experienced content writers, meaning that your content will never be generically written or similar to a competitor’s.

We Are the Content Writing Experts

Our content writing will help your business establish your desired image through interesting content that is consistent across all of your platforms. Our process includes:

  • Strategy sessions
  • Multiple drafts
  • Focused revisions

Interesting, engaging, and personalized content associated with your business makes a huge impact on your company’s success and growth. When you have content with a consistent tone, voice, and style, you will strengthen your brand’s image. In doing this, you will cultivate a relationship with your customers and potential customers, making them more likely to interact with your business.

Our comprehensive content writing services will provide your business with exclusive content that is SEO optimized to help your business grow. Our content writing specialists will create interesting content to enhance your brand’s image on a variety of platforms, including your website, social media accounts, well-known blogs, and more.

Create a tone of voice
Stand out from your competition with friendly, personalized content that thoroughly explains the mission of your business and the services you offer.
Engage your audience
Increase customer retention and session lengths on your website by creating a funnel of information that your clients will want to continue reading.
Maximize keywords
Our in-house content writers are fully trained to optimize your content for SEO by conducting keyword research and implementing proper placement.

Content across platforms

When you choose Ehlen Analytics for content writing, no two websites will be the same. From the home page to the service pages, your content will be unique and engaging.
Press Releases
We can distribute hand-written press releases to hundreds of news platforms across the Internet to spread the word, generate backlinks, and boost rankings.
You can choose a personalized schedule for your blog posts, and our content writers will ensure that relevant, interesting blogs are posted to your website right on time.
Facebook & Instagram
Content writing for posts comes with every social media service agreement, to keep your social platforms relevant on feeds and optimized for interesting content.
Our content writers are familiar with copywriting and capable of creating eye-catching, lead-generating click funnels that potential clients are sure to engage with.
Google My Business
Keeping your Google My Business posts active and relevant is important, that’s why we customize and schedule GMB posts that are keyword optimized and engaging.

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