Digital Marketing

Why Google’s “Clickable Elements Too Close Together” Email is Nothing To Worry About

Your page is not mobile friendly... Have you ever gotten that pesky email from Google Search Console? The one that says your website isn’t mobile-friendly, that your text is too small, and your clickable elements are too close together. In the digital marketing world, we see that email at least once or twice a month, Continue reading »

10 Questions to Prepare for Your SEO Strategy Session

Hi folks, this is BSwift from the Ehlen Analytics SEO team -- near the start of your SEO campaign, it’s a good idea to have a strategy session to bounce ideas around, and come up with a plan and a roadmap that helps us achieve our goals together. Below you’ll find 10 questions that I’ve Continue reading »

How To Add New Users to Your Company’s GMB and Other Platforms

  Digital Marketing for Small Business: Add Value and Increase ROI From generating leads, to increasing brand awareness, to engaging and initiating customer interactions and more, the right digital marketing agency can add value and dramatically increase ROI. However, in order for a digital marketing agency to properly do its job, the agency needs admin-level Continue reading »