10 Questions to Prepare for Your SEO Strategy Session

Hi folks, this is BSwift from the Ehlen Analytics SEO team — near the start of your SEO campaign, it’s a good idea to have a strategy session to bounce ideas around, and come up with a plan and a roadmap that helps us achieve our goals together. Below you’ll find 10 questions that I’ve found useful for building an SEO strategy. We’re excited to get this party started, but to ensure we get off to a good start, let’s go over a few things first. You can answer these questions one-by-one if you want to, but don’t feel obligated to do so. Instead, just think about your answers to these questions and get some ideas flowing. And as always, if you have any questions for us, please feel free to reach out anytime. You can email me directly at [email protected]

Let’s get ready to dominate your market!

1) What are your goals with this SEO campaign?

This seems like a simple question, but there are a lot of possible outcomes from an SEO campaign, including:

  • → Lead generation and new customers (obviously)
  • → Increased brand awareness
  • → Becoming a hub for industry content and become a resource for other industry pros
  • → Developing brand partnerships with vendors and service providers
  • → Tapping into new service areas and locations
  • → Introducing and promoting new services
  • → Re-branding your organization

See? Simple question, complicated answer. But it doesn’t have to be! Talk to your SEO specialist and ask for some help determining which of these options is right for your business.

2) Will you be able to provide us with new content?

Such as photos, blog posts, before/after jobsite photos and/or “at work” images, videos. Do you have a YouTube channel, etc? We can create content for you, and in fact we WILL be creating content, but if you have your own video, photos, writing that we can supplement with and use as a template for our own content, it’s even better. After all, nobody knows what you do better than YOU do. Content is the heart of every successful SEO campaign, and the more content you have, the more successful your campaign will be.

3) What are the services you’d like to see the most growth from?

Are there types of jobs or services that you’d rather do than others? Are there towns and cities and neighborhoods that you’d rather work in than others? (Keep in mind that SEO is a little different than PPC paid ads, and we can’t laser focus down to the zip code level like we can with ads, but we CAN target specific towns, neighborhoods, cities or states.)

4) What drives you and your business?

What makes your brand special and sets you apart from the competition? What can we use to promote your business and build relationships with your customers? What’s your mission statement? What makes you, you?

5) Do you have any existing brand partnerships?

Vendor deals, materials or tool suppliers that you work with, brands you support or believe in? Building and strengthening brand partnerships with vendors, suppliers, subcontractors is a great way to cross-promote your business, plus, if there are logos and hyperlinks we can add to the website, there’s SEO value there as well.

6) Do you have any certifications, accreditations, awards, newsworthy stories, special interests?

Causes like the AIDS walk, march of dimes, breast cancer awareness, autism awareness or any other unique connections or interests can be used to create some content and humanize your brand. If we’re going to create content, we need subject matter! There’s only so much we can say about water damage and mold remediation, so human interest and emotional stories can be a great way to make a connection with your audience.

7) Do you have any special techniques, tools, equipment, or strategies that set you apart from the competition?

For example, a lot of my carpet cleaning guys love to brag about their truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment. And having those model numbers, photos of the tools, etc gives us more to write about on the website. Here’s an example of a page we made for one of our clients after he invested $10,000 on new equipment: https://qualitycleanohio.com/about-us/

8) Are there any features of your website or other online properties that you LOVE and want to keep exactly the same?

What about things on your website or other properties that you HATE and want to change right away? My team does SEO, but we also do website re-designs, updates, bug fixes, feature additions, image galleries, video embeds, and lots of other cool features that can make your website look better, function better, and do more for your business.

9) Are there any local landmarks, legends, lore, celebrities, foods, sports teams, or any other local references you’d like us to mention?

Location/service landing pages are a great way to get local rankings, and we often use references to local features to appeal to users and make a website feel more personal and relevant to local residents. For an example, click on the link below and check out the “Locations” tab at the top of Ready Roofing’s website; click on a few of the menu items. All those local references are great for local SEO, and can bring in new users that otherwise might not have ever found your business.

10) What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I like moose tracks or anything with a swirl of caramel in it, but other members of our team like rocky road, mint chocolate chip, and even good old fashioned Neopolitan 3-flavor. This doesn’t have anything to do with SEO, but you finished reading this incredibly long and detailed quiz, so you deserve a frozen treat. Go have a scoop and then get ready to dominate your local market with Ehlen Analytics!


— BSwift @ Ehlen Analytics SEO Team